USP Reference Standards Tables

The monthly USP RS Tables updates provide information on:

  • Upcoming New RS Releases 
  • New RS’s Released in the Previous Month 
  • New Current Lots Released in the Previous Month 
  • RS’s Previously Out of Stock with New Lots Released in the Previous Month 
  • Backorder Availability Report (Estimates are as of the day the Table was created, refer to USP Store for up-to-date estimated availability dates) 
  • Changes made to the RS Description in the Previous Month, including but not limited to the Package Size and the Discontinuation of an RS 
  • Lots having Valid Use Dates in the Previous, Current, and Upcoming Months 

Note: These tables are a summary only. Visit the USP Store for complete and up-to-date information. 

Contact Reference Standards Technical Services at if you have any questions about the RS Tables and their content. 

Latest Reference Standards Tables