Verification Services

USP’s Verification Programs are universally recognized as the trusted standard for verifying the quality of dietary supplements, dietary ingredients, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and excipients. Our comprehensive, multi-step approach helps companies not only build quality into their systems but maintain it. When manufacturers and suppliers across the global supply chain comply with USP verification standards, they help ensure consistency and quality, and help protect public health.

USP offers the following Verification Programs:

woman and man discusing dietary supplement product in store

USP’s Dietary Supplement Verification Program (DSVP)

is open to manufacturers of dietary supplement products. When it comes to dietary supplements, consumers and healthcare practitioners value oversight from an independent third-party organization not associated with the manufacturer to help ensure the quality of the product.

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dietary supplements

USP’s Ingredient Verification Program for Dietary Ingredients

offers manufacturers a way to demonstrate the quality of their dietary ingredients, differentiating themselves in a competitive global market, and helping meet supplier qualification requirements.

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USP’s Ingredient Verification Program for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

can help drug manufacturers and ingredient suppliers ensure the quality of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

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USP’s Ingredient Verification Program for Excipients

can help drug manufacturers and ingredient suppliers ensure the quality of excipients and meet the supplier qualification requirements for excipient suppliers.

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USP: The Trusted Standard for Quality

Developing science-based public quality standards is at the core of what we do. USP standards provide a common quality benchmark—a set of characteristics, processes and guidelines that apply regardless of where a product or ingredient is manufactured. Through our critical work, we collaborate with national regulatory authorities, international agencies, and companies around the globe to help ensure quality. With more than 200 years of experience building quality foundations for a healthier world, USP is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive, evidence-based verification services.

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