Verification Services

USP is committed during these extraordinary times to provide support to manufacturers to help ensure the quality of dietary supplements by providing auditing and testing services to verify the quality of dietary supplements through the USP verification program.

USP recognizes the increased demand for certain supplements and that ingredient supply chain might experience a corresponding surge in demand necessitating that manufacturers source ingredients from new or lesser known suppliers. To verify the quality of ingredients from different suppliers, manufacturers can refer to the USP verification program and refer to ingredients that have been verified through this program available here. Although manufacturers must confirm the identity of incoming dietary ingredients, USP verified ingredients can offer manufacturers an easy way to source quality ingredients and a means of quickly qualifying new suppliers of ingredients because ingredient manufacturers who have participated in the USP verification program will have already undergone extensive GMP facility audits, ingredient quality control & manufacturing (QCM) process evaluation, and laboratory testing of their ingredients for full compliance to its specifications.

USP is playing a critical role in the public health response to COVID-19. To learn more, visit

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