Dietary Supplement Verification Program

When it comes to dietary supplements, many consumers and healthcare practitioners value oversight from an independent third-party organization not associated with the manufacturer, and with the necessary expertise to assess quality. With more than 200 years of experience helping to ensure medicine quality, USP is uniquely positioned to verify dietary supplements.

In a representative survey of licensed, practicing dietitians, nutritionists, physicians, and pharmacists, the top three most important elements when recommending a dietary supplement were: product quality, ingredient list, and quality assurance marks or seals. The USP Verified Mark was the #1 recommended seal/mark by healthcare practitioners to their patients.

Through comprehensive auditing, reviewing, and testing, USP’s Dietary Supplement Verification Program:

  • Demonstrates the quality of products to consumers and healthcare practitioners
  • Helps differentiate verified products from others on the market
  • Helps a company meet retailer quality requirements, as many retailers have implemented their own requirements for dietary supplements
  • Gives your company additional brand and reputational protection

If it’s USP Verified, consumers can trust that what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle.

USP’s Dietary Supplement Verification Program is open to manufacturers of dietary supplement finished products from around the world. USP verifies dietary supplements containing vitamins like B, C, D, and E, minerals like calcium, and other dietary supplements like melatonin, CoQ10, botanicals, and probiotics.

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To obtain the USP Verified Mark, manufacturers must undergo and meet the following Good Manufacturing Practices:

  • Manufacturing facility audit for compliance with USP General Chapter <2750> Manufacturing Practices for Dietary Supplements and FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices (21 CFR Part 111)
  • Review of quality control and manufacturing (QCM) product documentation
  • Laboratory testing of samples of dietary supplements for conformance to standards of quality found in the USP–NF, or to appropriate pharmacopeial or manufacturer specifications and
  • Off-the-shelf testing of USP Verified dietary supplements to confirm that the product continues to meet science-based quality standards

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