USP Verification Program Participants

Looking for a new ingredient supplier for dietary ingredients, APIs, or excipients? Participants in USP’s Ingredient Verification Program have successfully passed our comprehensive, multi-step evaluation process. The following list of companies are participants in USP’s Verification Programs.

Ingredient Verification Program for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Beijing Geyuantianrun Bio-tech

Manufactured by: Beijing Geyuantianrun Bio-tech., Limited

  • Chymotrypsin (Y-DCT)
  • Trypsin (Y-DT)

farmson logo

Manufactured by: Farmson Pharmaceutical Gujarat Private Limited

  • Acetaminophen (P-101, P-102, P-201 and P-202)


Ingredient Verification Program for Excipients

Godrej Logo

Manufactured by Godrej Industries (Chemicals)

  • Cetyl Alcohol; GINOL-16 (98%)
  • Stearyl Alcohol; GINOL-18 (98%)
  • Cetostearyl Alcohol; GINOL-1618 TA; GINOL 1618 (5050)


Ingredient Verification Program for Dietary Ingredients

AstaReal, Inc. Logo 

Manufactured by AstaReal, Inc.

  • AstaReal®L10

Inner Mongolia Kingdomway Pharmaceutical Limited Logo

Manufactured by Inner Mongolia Kingdomway Pharmaceutical Limited

  • Ubidecarenone (Coenzyme Q10)

OmniActive Health Technologies Logo

Manufactured by OmniActive Health Technologies

  • Lutemax 2020 Free L/Z NS OS 20% SF
  • Lutemax® 2020 Free L/Z OS 20%/NG

E.I.D. PARRY (India) Limited, Parry Nutraceuticals Division Logo

Manufactured by E.I.D. PARRY (India) Limited, Parry Nutraceuticals Division

  • Organic Spirulina (Arthrospira Platensis) Powder

PuraPharm International (HK) Limited Logo

Manufactured by PuraPharm International (HK) Limited

  • Fructus Crataegi Formula Granules
  • ONCO-Z Coriolus Versicolor Extract
  • Radix Astragali Formula Granules

Shenzhou Biology & Technology Co., Ltd. Logo

Manufactured by Shenzhou Biology & Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Coenzyme Q10 (Ubidecarenone)

Jiangyin TSI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. [TSI] Logo

Manufactured by TSI Group Co., Ltd.

  • Calcium β-Hydroxy β-Methyl Butyrate Monohydrate (HMB-Ca)
  • 3-Hydroxy 3 Methyl Butyric Acid (HMB Acid)

Valensa International Logo

Manufactured by Valensa International

  • USPlus® Saw Palmetto Extract

Pharmanza Herbal Pvt Ltd Logo

Manufactured by Pharmanza Herbal Pvt Ltd

  • WOKVEL – Boswellia serrata extract


Dietary Supplement Verification Program

GMP Audit Only Program


  • Golden Biotechnology Corp.
  • Shri Kartikeya Pharma
  • Sino Siam Biotechnique Co., Ltd.


  • Catalent Pharma Solutions - St. Petersburg, FL
  • Formulation Technology, Inc.
  • IVC Nutrition Company
  • Metagenics LLC
  • Route2Health (Pvt.) Limited
  • SODX CO., Ltd.
  • UniWell Laboratories LLC
  • Usana Health Sciences, Inc.
  • Vitaquest International, LLC