Carbohydrate Standards

Carbohydrate molecules are essential for therapies ranging from antivirals to anticancer agents. USP provides reference standards for a diverse range of carbohydrates used in numerous therapeutics. USP’s standards enable manufacturers to ensure the identity, purity, and potency of these versatile and beneficial agents, supporting manufacturers efforts to accelerate development while maintaining quality and facilitating exploration of new applications for these powerful molecules.

USP Carbohydrate Families

Each of the carbohydrates listed below is supported by a product-specific USP monograph. USP also offers primary reference standards for helping to ensure quality during pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. When these standards are used together, you can accelerate product development and may reduce the risk of ANDA rejection, according to a survey of generic drug manufacturers1.

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The USP Acarbose family includes:

The USP Dextran 1 family includes:

The USP Dextran 40 family includes:

The USP Dextran 70 family includes:

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