The Global Medicines Supply Chain

The global medicines supply chain

The global medicines supply chain is vulnerable to disruptions that lead to drug shortages as well as increases in substandard and counterfeit medicines. A strong supply chain ensures patients receive the medicines needed when they are needed, they work as they should and do not cause unnecessary harm. This builds trust.

supply chain transparency
supply chain transparency

Harnessing information to inform effective action to reduce vulnerabilities and prevent or mitigate disruptions in the global supply of quality medicines.

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We are working to improve supply chain resilience by increasing transparency into potential risks through initiatives such as our Medicine Supply Map – an early detection warning system to help predict drug shortages. Through our partnerships and stakeholder engagement we are facilitating greater coordination among governments and multilateral bodies and we are also working to diversify where medicines are made so that manufacturing hubs are more evenly distributed across the globe, reducing the risk of overly relying on a few regions.

advanced manufacturing technology

Accelerating advanced manufacturing technology to strengthen the medicine supply chain

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pharmaceutical supply chain resilience

Strengthening pharmaceutical supply chain resilience

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