The 2020-2025 USP Board of Trustees

USP’s Board of Trustees plays a critical leadership role for the organization. Entrusted with the stewardship of USP, the Board is responsible for fiduciary oversight, comprehensive reputational risk management, and governance activities in cooperation with other USP governing bodies. The officers and trustees that make up USP’s Board each bring a long history of leadership experience, deep knowledge of the healthcare landscape, and forward-looking approaches to healthcare. And they share a commitment to USP’s vision and mission and the belief that diversity, inclusion, and belonging make USP stronger and its impact greater. In performing their USP Board duties, Board members act only to advance the USP mission and the organization’s sustainability and do not represent the interests of their own organizations or constituencies.

To ensure a perspective representative of USP’s work and in accordance with USP’s Bylaws, the Board is made up of:

  • Two trustees who represent the medical sciences
  • Two trustees who represent the pharmaceutical sciences
  • Three to six trustees who serve in an at-large capacity
  • One trustee who represents the public interest
  • One treasurer
  • The president of the Convention
  • USP’s CEO, an ex-officio, nonvoting member of the Board

The USP Convention elects the members of the Board of Trustees every five years at the USP Convention Meeting from a slate of nominees provided by the USP Convention’s Nominating Committee for Officers and Trustees. The Board is led by a chair who is elected by Board members and serves a one-year term. The Board chair helps steer the work and vision of the Board through an Executive Committee which is made up of the Board chair, treasurer, Convention president, and the public trustee. The USP Convention secretary, Anthony Lakavage, J.D., also serves as the secretary for the Board of Trustees. To learn more about the Board and how it operates, read the Rules of Business Practice for the 2020-2025 USP Board of Trustees, which will be updated by the new Board later this year.