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With a mission to improve global health through public standards, it’s essential that USP be guided by broad and diverse perspectives. From the thousands of expert volunteers who have given their time to develop USP standards to the nearly 450 Convention Member Organizations committed to helping shape USP’s areas of focus, USP always prioritizes an independent and collaborative approach to its work. 

To this end, the Convention Membership represents perspectives, experiences, and expertise from across healthcare and science and from around the globe. Member Organizations are vital to USP’s ability to sustain its pivotal role in building trust where it matters most: in the world’s medicines, dietary supplements, and foods.

And as the healthcare landscape shifts, the Convention Membership evolves to meet new needs and demands. If your organization is interested in becoming a member of the USP Convention, please send your request to

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Convention Members

With almost 450 Convention Member Organizations from across healthcare and science and around the globe, the membership provides diverse perspectives, rich insights, and powerful networks.

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New Convention Members

Healthcare and the pharmaceutical supply chain are always evolving. To ensure a sustained diversity of perspectives, the USP Convention invites new members to join on an ongoing basis. Meet some of the latest organizations we’re proud to welcome to the USP Convention.

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