2020-2025 Resolutions

Each five-year cycle, Resolutions serve as directives from Convention Membership on areas USP should address. At the 2020 Convention Governance Meeting, the Council of the Convention (CoC) proposed 15 Resolutions to Convention Membership for comment and consideration, selected based on their impact and alignment with USP’s 2025 strategy. After deliberation and some revision, all 15 proposed Resolutions for the 2020-2025 cycle were adopted by the Convention.

Throughout the cycle, USP staff updates the CoC and full membership on progress against each Resolution and invites their input.

Year-1 Resolutions Progress Report

The first year of USP’s 2020-2025 cycle was an extraordinary one. It was clear early on that responding to the COVID-19 pandemic must be an organizational priority – one that aligned with our mission to improve global health by helping to build trust in medicines – and we quickly identified where we could have the greatest impact. At the same time, USP continued to mark progress on all 15 Resolutions adopted in 2020 to guide our work and impact over the next five years. Our Year-1 Report highlights this progress, our COVID-19 response efforts, and related plans for fiscal 2022.

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