Medicine Supply Map

Visibility to build a stronger supply chain.

Supply chain intelligence to help predict and prevent drug shortages.

Medicine Supply Map connects the fragmented and complex medicines supply chain by providing end-to-end visibility. Drug shortage risks can be identified and measured using advanced analytics and machine learning. With Medicine Supply Map, users can:

  • Perform more comprehensive risk assessments for organizations and markets.
  • Improve supply chain and continuity planning to help patients and customers have access to the medicines they need.
  • Better understand supply risks and take proactive mitigation steps.

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Increase supply chain visibility
Quickly understand the drug manufacturing landscape and know what drugs may be impacted by supply shock events. The tool maps 91% of finished drug product and over 44% of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturers to National Drug Code (NDC) groups for drugs sold in the U.S.

Plan for drug shortage impacts
Vulnerability scores can predict the likelihood of a drug product being in shortage 12 months in advance. When combined with proprietary market share data, users can identify high-risk and high-impact drug products that may be at risk of shortage long before the potential shortage occurs, giving time to secure raw materials and reserve equipment to meet the demands of supply disruptions.

Promote availability of quality medicines for patients and customers
There were over 300 active drug shortages in the U.S. in 2023 – the highest rates seen in decades – representing millions of affected patients and significant lost sales. Supply chain and risk insights from the Medicine Supply Map can help to ensure that medicine demand is met, reducing the frequency and duration of drug shortages.


medicine supply map blog
medicine supply map blog

Insights on Supply Chain Vulnerability

Read original analysis about the global distribution of APIs and risks associated with specific drug classes, from broadly used medicines to those that are critically needed in small populations.

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Providing supply chain intelligence to:

Inform policy and funding decisions to help prevent or mitigate drug shortages, improve medicine supply chain resiliency, and strengthen national security.

Health Systems and Hospitals
Get more time to plan by gaining early visibility into medicines affected by supply disruptions.

Manufacturers and CDMOs
Make more informed planning and production decisions by understanding how drug shortage risks lead to unmet medicine demand.

Control drug shortage costs while helping to ensure available medicines supply with continuity plans informed by medicines supply chain intelligence.

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