Vaccine Manufacturing Africa

Building capacity in Africa to produce vaccines for routine immunizations and health emergencies will save lives and improve public health. 

Africa’s reliance on imported vaccines and limited purchasing power resulted in unacceptable delays during COVID-19. These inequities have spurred efforts to significantly increase vaccine production in Africa.

Only 1% of vaccines used in Africa are produced on the continent. By 2040, Africa plans to manufacture 60% of its vaccines regionally.

This white paper provides a snapshot of Africa’s growing vaccine capacity, outlines barriers and enablers to expanding vaccine manufacturing on the continent, and offers recommendations to help realize greater vaccine production.

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Africa’s growing vaccine capacity

Increasing vaccine manufacturing in Africa requires significant investment, strong regulatory and laboratory systems, and a skilled workforce.

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Technical spotlight: Vaccine access

Technical spotlight: Vaccine access

Improving access to quality-assured vaccines can help low- and middle-income countries respond to future health emergencies.

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