Modernization and Priority New Monograph Lists

Check USP’s lists to learn which monographs of interest to you and your organization have been designated by USP as either a priority for modernization or in need of development.  


Help USP ensure that the methods in USP–NF reflect those that industry currently uses. Check USP’s lists of monographs requiring modernization. Manufacturers and other stakeholders that participate in USP’s modernization effort are more likely to find compliance is easier when USP’s compendial methods match the methods used in their laboratories. 

Priority New Monographs

Check these lists if you are a sponsor seeking to aid in developing monographs that are not currently part of the official USP–NF, Food Chemicals Codex, or Dietary Supplements Compendium and are therefore considered “missing.” 

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for these products, please contact the Donations Team at