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Resources for quality development  

Complimentary resources for quality development of COVID-19 vaccines and treatments

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Testing and compliance to the standards detailed within compendial methods is a basic requirement for manufacturing release and distribution of vaccines and medicinal treatments around the world.

USP public quality standards are a transparent set of tests to show what good looks like developed through a collaborative process between USP, manufacturers and expert committees made up of volunteers from industry, health care practitioners, academia and government. These standards are used in more than 150 countries and integrated into laws of over 40 governments, including in the United States.

USP compendial tests and methods address common issues shared by all drug manufacturers, such as suitability, validation, contamination control, stability testing and qualification of raw materials.

Small to mid-sized organizations, including biotech, university and government labs, to large manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals, can utilize USP’s expertise as they work quickly to develop and obtain regulatory approval.