USP Education-Hyderabad Training Institute

The USP Education-Hyderabad Training Institute is a key step in USP’s mission to support manufacturers in building capabilities to achieve world-class quality & excellence in manufacturing. The institute will start with intensive, application-driven, hands-on training in Quality control, Quality assurance and Research & Development, for new pharmaceutical professionals and recent graduates, and build on the start with additional courses for pharmaceutical professionals across functions. The students will have access to world-class faculty and state-of-the-art facilities and instrumentation. The training will be provided using content developed by USP scientists, based on modern techniques used in industry and their applications, interspersed with current and relevant case studies.  The content will be delivered using a sophisticated platform to enhance engagement and retention, while using pre and post class components  on smart phones to take the learning beyond classroom sessions. We believe that the sharing of our scientific expertise with those who will shape the pharmaceutical industry for decades to come will go a long way toward achieving USP’s vision of ensuring the quality, safety, and benefit of medicines and foods.

Program benefits include:

  • Improve the quality of medicines by supporting the industry in building capabilities to achieve world-class quality and excellence in manufacturing
  • Address skills gaps between industry needs and new graduate skills, with a high-quality, application-oriented curriculum, aligned with compendial and regulatory guidelines
  • Help ensure that recent graduates and new pharmaceutical professionals are industry-ready, by providing them with rigorous and end-to-end hands-on training.
  • Help eliminate analyst errors through multiple case scenarios and hands-on training on real samples
  • Complement the skills that recent graduates have learned in universities to contribute to their roles as new hires in production of quality medicines
  • Help recent graduates be more employable in the pharmaceutical industry

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