Advanced Manufacturing

Making more quality medicines in more places

To strengthen the medicines supply chain and help guard against potential shortages that can impact patient care, more quality medicines need to be made in more places. Beyond supporting innovation in medicines themselves, facilitating adoption of advanced manufacturing technology (AMT) like pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing (PCM) is an essential part of the solution.

continuous manufacturing
continuous manufacturing

Policy considerations: Harnessing pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing for a more resilient supply chain

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At USP, we’re collaborating with our expert volunteers and other stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem to reduce barriers to adoption of advanced manufacturing technology and pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing by:

  • Addressing knowledge gaps,

  • Working with partners to certify and validate related manufacturing processes,

  • Weighing the potential for incentives, investments, and other policy reforms, and

  • Exploring where there is a need and opportunity to develop new guidelines, best practices, and quality standards to help set expectations for quality, speed approvals, and support public trust.

usp and phlow collaboration
Strategic Alliance: Phlow-USP Collaboration

Learn about USP’s collaboration with Phlow Corp to support PCM adoption through our efforts to certify and validate related manufacturing processes.

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advanced manufacturing interview
Pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing: What drug makers need to know

Ron Piervincenzi, Ph.D., USP's CEO, recently had a conversation with pharmaceutical manufacturing consulting services provider Pharmatech Associates’ CEO Bikash Chatterjee.

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pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing standards support quality & innovation
Standards support quality and innovation

USP standards and related programs support quality, innovation & supply chain resilience.

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Advanced manufacturing education