Advanced Manufacturing

Making more quality medicines in more places

Advanced manufacturing technologies include innovative approaches like continuous manufacturing that can provide potential efficiencies for many medicines and their ingredients, thereby facilitating geographic diversity in sourcing and supply chain resilience. USP is working to assist manufacturers that may be considering adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies by addressing technical, knowledge and training barriers through quality-focused solutions.

Drug manufacturing innovation
Drug manufacturing innovation

Drug manufacturing innovation: Building in quality from the start with USP

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At USP, we’re collaborating with stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem to reduce barriers to adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies like pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing and other enabling technologies by:

  • Addressing knowledge gaps and providing workforce training,
  • Developing and qualifying new analytical methods for related manufacturing processes, and
  • Exploring where there is a need and opportunity to develop new guidelines, best practices, and resources
USP analytical lab service offerings

USP R&D Analytical Solutions

Supporting pharmaceutical manufacturing by offering flexible solutions tailored to help contain production costs, optimize efficiencies in staffing and resources, and drive manufacturing innovation.

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R&D solutions

USP launches R&D analytical solutions to advance pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing

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advanced manufacturing interview

Pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing: What drug makers need to know

Ron Piervincenzi, Ph.D., USP's CEO, recently had a conversation with pharmaceutical manufacturing consulting services provider Pharmatech Associates’ CEO Bikash Chatterjee.

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advanced manufacturing technologies

Policy considerations: Harnessing pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing for a more resilient supply chain

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Continuous Manufacturing Knowledge Center

Continuous Manufacturing Knowledge Center

The Continuous Manufacturing Knowledge Center (CMKC) is a digital knowledge management resource where experts can collaborate to close existing knowledge gaps.

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