Performance Verification Test (PVT)

Due to Covid-19 and related resource constraints, we know many of our customers are struggling to qualify their dissolution instruments on time. To alleviate this burden , USP is providing several resources including videos that provide a stepwise demonstration of Performance Verification Testing. All these resources can be accessed below. Along with providing these free resources, USP is also providing free technical assistance to our customers especially for those who need additional help with their instrument qualification. Please contact Reference Standards Technical Services at for more details.

The USP Performance Verification Test (PVT) assesses the suitable performance of apparatus used in dissolution testing. This assures reliability of dissolution results that reflects the quality of the drug product and not the condition of the test equipment. As such, the PVT in USP General Chapter <711> Dissolution is a core building block for dissolution instrument qualification.

The PVT appraises the suitable performance of the entire apparatus. By using standardized materials and procedures, your laboratory can compare results from your instrument with other laboratories worldwide. Results that do not meet the acceptance criteria can indicate the improper operation of the dissolution assembly, deviation from the procedure, or an error in conducting the test.

dissolution testing
Understand the value of PVT in the context of dissolution testing

The PVT evaluates the performance of your dissolution apparatus to provides evidence of instrument suitability

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reproducibility of dissolution data
Find out how USP resources support the reliability and reproducibility of dissolution data

USP performance verification testing plays a critical role in dissolution testing and the qualification of dissolution apparatuses and test assemblies

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Dissolution Instrument Qualification Videos

Learn best practices and USP guidelines on Mechanical Qualification and Performance Verification Testing (PVT).

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Dissolution Methods Database

Provides dissolution test conditions and a helpful search function in a downloadable database.

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Dissolution Assemblies
Calculation Tool for the PVT of Dissolution Assemblies

Evaluate the results of dissolution assemblies with the PVT calculation tool.

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Vacuum Filtration
USP Deaeration Procedure by Vacuum Filtration

A USP scientist demonstrates the process.

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