Monograph availability of COVID-19 investigated drugs in world pharmacopeias

Interactive dashboard of COVID-19 drugs in world pharmacopeias

Through the World Health Organization, ten international pharmacopeias—including USP—have collaborated to publish this interactive dashboard of active pharmaceutical ingredients and monographs for existing generic drugs being investigated as COVID-19 treatments. For any medicine to be safe and effective, it is vital that the medicine be of assured quality for its intended use. Pharmacopeial monographs provide publicly available methods, acceptance criteria and other information to support objective assessments of a medicine’s quality. The dashboard below lists COVID-19 investigated medicines mapped to monographs available in one or more world pharmacopeias participating in this collaborative effort to respond to the pandemic. Scientists, developers and manufacturers working on COVID-19 treatments may access USP monographs free for 6 months through the United States Pharmacopeia-National Formulary (USP-NF) Online offer.