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COVID-19: addressing the global health crisis

Supporting the public health response to coronavirus

USP is working with government organizations, manufacturers of drugs and other health products, and healthcare professionals in the US and around the world to build the public’s trust jn vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 disease. Our work includes standards that assure the quality and safety for drug ingredients and finished products, and technical assistance and support on issues such as vaccine administration and raw material selection and testing. We are also addressing supply challenges and emerging quality and safety concerns with medicines and products such as hand sanitizer.

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COVID-19 treatments and prevention

Speeding the development of quality vaccines and treatments.

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Strengthening the global medicines supply chain

USP is working on developing insights on current supply chain vulnerabilities and looking into ways of strengthening it for the future.

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Essential services

Ensuring uninterrupted service for stakeholders and customers during this pandemic.

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Resources from USP Convention Member Organizations

Many of USP’s Convention Member Organizations are urgently working to address this public health crisis, applying their unique expertise to this challenge. Here are links to some of these resources. We’ll be adding others regularly.