Convention Regional Chapters

USP Convention Members from outside of the U.S. and Canada contribute critical perspectives, insights, and expertise that inform and strengthen USP’s work. Regional Chapters convene Convention Member representatives from a geographic region to discuss important issues, share knowledge and experience, and collaborate to advance common priorities. As one of USP’s governing bodies, it is invaluable for USP staff to hear input from Members on work, plans, and progress, and the Chapters are one forum for that important contribution.

Like the Convention Sectors, Regional Chapters are chaired by Convention Member representatives who are leaders within the region. In addition to helping to shape Chapter activities, each Chair serves on the USP Council of the Convention, bringing back to this leadership body, Member insights and recommendations.

We invite any Convention Member Organization representative from a given region to participate – the Delegate to the USP Convention and other employees or members of that organization.

Recent Chapter engagements have included:

  • South Asia Chapter shared information on strengthening pharmacovigilance in the development of COVID-19 treatments and vaccines in the region
  • Asia Pacific Chapter convened around the importance of and strategies for strengthening the global supply chain to ensure access to quality medicines
  • Latin American Chapter identified regulatory issues related to cannabis, nitrosamine impurities, and post-market surveillance as priorities for further discussion with Members
  • The Middle East and North African (MENA) Chapter will launch in the fall of 2021

If you are a Convention Member representative and would like to connect with one of these Regional Chapters, please contact