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More than ever, consumers take personal health and wellness seriously, and rely on supplements as an important well-being component. USP helps to distinguish your ingredients and products by providing tools and expertise to ensure good quality and build public trust. 


Our comprehensive industry reference featuring relevant USP General Chapters, dietary supplement and excipient monographs, industry guidance documents, and other resources. A new edition publishes every three years.
As an independent, not-for-profit scientific organization, USP offers trusted third-party verification services along the dietary supplements supply chain—from finished products to ingredients to facility audits. 
USP’s reference standards catalog features more than 300 dietary supplement-specific ingredient and finished product offerings. Download the daily catalog, access ordering and use information, and find the account manager for your region. 
Visit our Quality Supplements website to learn more about verified supplements and where to find them.
You play a critical role in providing trusted public standards around the world. Find out how to submit proposed new and revised monographs and bulk materials, or comment on them, learn more about donation benefits, and more.
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