Ingredient Verification Program (IVP)

USP offers rigorous third-party verification services to help companies achieve quality management for ingredients used in the manufacture of finished drug products, dietary supplements, and food products. Companies whose ingredients meet USP’s comprehensive and stringent verification requirements, are awarded a Certificate of Standards Compliance and use of the appropriate USP Verified Mark. The Mark can be used on the bulk label of each container of USP-verified ingredients, on the certificate of analysis, and on other valuable marketing collateral.

What is the Value for Your Company?

  • Engage in supplier qualification, potentially reducing audits from customer
  • Reduce the risk of inconsistent and substandard ingredient quality
  • Differentiate your ingredient and help maintain your sales edge in an increasingly competitive global market
  • Strengthen confidence that Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and product quality standards have been met
  • Enhanced marketing support for participants through:
    • Published customer listing
    • Trade magazine print
    • Media advertising
    • Social media and email communications
    • Exhibit and booth display
    • Promotional materials (e.g., brochures, giveaways)

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Verification Requirements

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For more information about the program and available support resources please contact Ed Wyszumiala.