Benefits of USP Verification Services

Customer Testimonial

Balchem wanted a trusted program to verify the quality of their choline. Watch this video to understand why they chose USP.

USP Verification Services encompass programs aimed at verifying the quality of ingredients and products. We currently offer the following specific Verification Programs:

  • The USP Dietary Supplement Verification Program is open to manufacturers of dietary supplement finished products from around the world. When it comes to dietary supplements, many consumers and healthcare practitioners look for independent oversight from an independent third-party not associated with the manufacturer, and with the necessary expertise to assess quality.
  • USP’s Dietary Ingredient Verification Program helps manufacturers demonstrate the quality of their dietary ingredients. The program can differentiate ingredients and help a company maintain its sales edge in a competitive global market. 
  • USP’s Ingredient Verification Program for Excipients has been revised to add a more risk-based, holistic approach to quality, through an in-depth examination of how quality decisions affect the final product.
  • USP’s Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Verification Program is offered to drug manufacturers and brands worldwide. USP’s program provides a complete evaluation of a firm’s quality system, ensuring that the controls in place are sufficient to control product quality.

USP also offers a standalone GMP Audit Program for both dietary ingredient and dietary supplement manufacturers.

USP uses a multi-step evidence-based process to confirm the accuracy of the information supporting the quality of each product being verified in a particular program. USP verification includes:

  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility audits, to confirm the manufacturer has the appropriate quality systems needed to ensure product quality.
  • Product quality control & manufacturing (QCM) process evaluations, to ensure quality procedures are consistently being followed and to explore how those procedures provide adequate and appropriate control to ensure continued quality compliance.
  • Product testing, which provides assurance that the product conforms to its identity and quality specifications and contains the ingredients listed on the label in the declared strength and amounts.

Verification is not a one-time event. USP annually evaluates the quality of the products through the three-step process of GMP facility audits, product QCM process evaluation, and product testing."