Chromatographic Database

The Chromatographic Database is an online compilation of the chromatographic columns used to validate the chromatographic procedures in USP–NF, Pharmacopeial Forum, Revision Bulletins, and Interim Revision Announcements. It provides a cumulative listing of columns referenced in gas and liquid chromatographic methods related to revisions made to USP–NF since January 1980.


Chromatographic Database, previously a print publication, is now a free, online database. To begin using the database, a one-time registration is required. Also, after log in, Terms of Use must be agreed to before proceeding to the data.

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Chromatographic Database Contents

Chromatographic Database provides the following column data:

  • Issue of PF in which a column was first referenced
  • Corresponding packing, GC phase, or support (L, G, or S) designations
  • Type of test employing the chromatographic method
  • Alternative columns, when this information is available
  • Brand names
  • Manufacturers

How Chromatographic Database Assists the User

  • Save valuable time spent searching for the right columns to use in testing
  • Track columns used in methods that have progressed from "revision" to "official" status
  • Find brand names and manufacturers
  • Locate alternative columns that may be used


The designation for a new column will receive a number ONLY when the text referring to this column becomes official, whether in a Supplement, in the next USP–NF, or in a Revision Bulletin or Interim Revision Announcement. During the proposal period in Pharmacopeial Forum, the new chromatographic column will be identified in the database by “L##,” “G##,” or “S##” followed by the monograph title and the column brand name in parentheses. No numbers will be assigned to the column designations during the proposal period. See the example below.

L## (Lanatoprost, Chiracel OD-R)─Cellulose tris(3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate) coated on 10-µm silica gel particles.

In the actual text of the monograph or General Chapter that requires the new column, that column will be designated as “L##,” “G##,” or “S##” and will appear with the reference "(see Reagents, Indicators, and Solutions, Chromatographic Columns)

Notice and Disclaimer

The identification of the chromatographic column by brand name is furnished for information purposes to indicate the market availability of the column that corresponds to the USP description. A listing does not imply approval, endorsement, or certification of a particular brand or product, nor does the omission of a particular brand or product indicate that the article was judged to be unsatisfactory or inadequate.

The list of brand names is not comprehensive. It was compiled from information in supplier or manufacturer catalogs or Web sites, and from information provided in correspondence from manufacturers; the accuracy of the information from these sources cannot be guaranteed. Suggestions and corrections to this list can be sent to

A listing does not indicate that USP has any particular knowledge of the continued suitability of the product.

The inclusion of a column or support in respect to which patent or trademark rights may exist shall not be deemed, and is not intended as, a grant of, or authority to exercise, any right or privilege protected by such patent or trademark. All such rights and privileges are vested in the patent or trademark owner, and no other person may exercise the same without express permission, authority, or license secured from such patent or trademark owner.