U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) outlines plans that support the quality of cannabis for medical use

Rockville, MD, April 17, 2020 – In an article published in the Journal of Natural Products, USP outlines core quality attributes and tools that can help establish testing and quality benchmarks for cannabis used for medical purposes in order to help ensure quality and protect public health. In Cannabis Inflorescence for Medical Purposes—USP Considerations for Quality Attributes, authors from USP and volunteer members of the USP Cannabis Expert Panel define a suite of tests, analytical procedures, and acceptance criteria to verify the identity, content of constituents (e.g., cannabinoids and terpenes), and limits on contaminants to ensure the quality of cannabis products for medical use under state law.

As part of the safety net that protects and promotes public health in the US, USP is taking steps to help prevent harm to patients resulting from the inconsistent quality of cannabis for medical use under state law. Oversight can vary between states where cannabis is available for medical use. The recommendations offered in the Journal of Natural Products article provide a foundation for alignment of testing and quality of products derived from cannabis. Several USP General Chapters and Reference Standards that are currently available can be used by manufacturers to help ensure the quality of their products. Additional standards applicable to cannabis for medical use are in development. Find out more about USP’s plans for supporting the quality of cannabis for medical use.

About USP
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