Jennifer Devine, J.D.

Jennifer Devine, J.D.
Senior Vice President
Documentary Standards & Compendial Policy

Jennifer Devine is Senior Vice President, Documentary Standards and Compendial Policy at USP. In this role, Ms. Devine leads activities related to the development of documentary standards for small molecules, excipients, foods, dietary supplements and herbal medicines. She is responsible for developing and executing the strategy for the development of quality standards and helps ensure standards evolve in a manner to maximize USP’s public health impact.

Ms. Devine has held a number of different jobs at USP working on scientific, regulatory, legal, international, policy, and patient safety issues. She engages industry, scientific groups, practitioners, regulators, and other pharmacopeias. She also held several leadership roles at the U.S. FDA, first in CDER’s Office of Compliance and then as the Associate Commissioner for Global Regulatory Operations and Policy. In these positions, Ms. Devine helped shape and implement FDA’s globalization strategy, providing direction and oversight, as FDA worked to address the challenges of a global supply chain.

Ms. Devine earned her undergraduate degree at University of Maryland, College Park, and her Juris Doctorate from Delaware Law School. She also holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Law from Georgetown University Law Center.