USP Pictograms

The USP Pictogram Library enables you to use standardized images to convey medication instructions, precautions, and/or warnings to patients and consumers. Pictograms are particularly helpful in passing on important information to patients with a lower level reading ability and patients who use English as a second language. Pictograms are available free-of-charge to professionals and patient information providers to reinforce printed or oral instructions.

USP offers 81 pictograms in .gif or .eps format. You can download the entire pictogram library after accepting our license agreement.

Sample Pictograms

Sample Pictograms          Sample Pictograms



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Development of Pictograms

Pictograms are, by definition:

  • Images representing proper ways to take or store medications, precautions, or other important information about a medication that a health care provider should provide to his or her patient.
  • Available for use by health care professionals and others to reinforce printed or oral instructions.

USP Pictograms are tested for comprehension with audiences representing various population groups. The geometric shapes and inset images have special meaning.

USP Pictograms


Public Use of Pictogram Library

Although copyrighted by USP, USP will grant a license (free of charge) for use of the Pictograms provided the following conditions are met:

  1. USP Pictograms are not used as the sole means of transferring information to the patient, because of the potential for misinterpretation.
  2. USP Pictograms are not modified or used in conjunction with non-USP developed symbols without the permission of USP.
  3. Only the latest versions of USP Pictograms are used, because the Pictograms are subject to change.
  4. USP Pictograms are accompanied by the indication of USP copyright ownership.

Notice: USP assumes no responsibility for any misinterpretation or adverse results or effects resulting from the use of USP Pictograms. Permission for use may be withdrawn at any time if USP deems its Pictograms are being used inappropriately.