Supporting the global health response to COVID-19

As a standards-setting public health organization that sits at the intersection of the pharmaceutical, regulatory, manufacturing, education and research sectors, USP is marshaling its technical expertise to help the global community respond to COVID-19. This includes facilitating the supply of quality medicines from across global supply chains, working with manufacturers and regulators to help alleviate potential medical product shortages and working with governments to help protect patients from poor-quality medicines.

As part of our donor-funded work, we are ready to implement the following:

  • Regulatory policy and governance: Supporting medicine regulatory authorities in developing guidance and revising their procedures in response to COVID-19.
  • Technology review: Assessing and evaluating technologies to detect substandard and falsified medical products, and diagnostic technologies for emergency use evaluation of COVID-19 treatment and testing.
  • Building laboratory capacity to respond to COVID-19 testing: Building the capacity of laboratory systems to scale up COVID-19 testing in ways that strengthen the tiered network systems beyond emergency preparedness response.
  • Quality assurance of health products to support COVID-19: Capacitating national quality control laboratories to detect poor-quality health products for treatment and prevention of COVID-19, including medicines and vaccines, personal preventive equipment (PPE), and hand sanitizers.
  • Supply chain resilience: Addressing product shortages by advancing local manufacturing and pooled procurement of medical products and vaccines, diagnostic test kits and PPE.
  • Risk-based post-marketing quality surveillance: Improving detection of substandard and falsified medical products related to COVID-19 by monitoring quality of health products circulating at peripheral and patient levels of national supply chain systems.