FAQs: Equipment

1. How can the balances in our laboratory be shown to be suitable for weighing the amounts specified in a USP monograph?

Refer to General Chapters <41> Balances and <1251> Weighing on an Analytical Balance in the USP–NF. The procedure used to determine the suitability of balances is indicated in <41> Balances.

2. Does USP disclose the brand of instrument that was used in performing the USP method?

Unless the equipment used has previously been identified by USP (with an appropriate disclaimer stating that the identification does not imply approval, endorsement or certification by USP), the information requested may either be not available or confidential. Such requests will be handled through the USP Document Disclosure Policy by the Executive Secretariat/Legal Division. This policy is articulated in the following area of the Web site: http://www.usp.org/ethics. USP has established guidelines according to this policy to handle such inquiries including the related fees to investigate the request for such information. This is to ensure that appropriate expenses are covered. If you are interested in this service as described above, please contact Executive Secretariat at execsec@usp.org to investigate your request.