Fouad Atouf, Ph.D.

Fouad Atouf, Ph.D.
SVP, Global Biologics

As Senior Vice President, Global Biologics, Fouad leads USP’s Biologics program. His work focuses on the development and launch of solutions-based products and approaches for complex biologics such as monoclonal antibodies, proteins, vaccines, and cell and gene therapies. He leads USP’s collaboration with stakeholders in these areas and the exploration of new tools to enable manufacturing and quality of emerging therapeutic modalities.

Fouad joined USP in 2006 and has served in multiple scientific leadership roles developing quality tools for biologics and establishing relevant reference material programs. In addition to leading the modernization of existing standards, Fouad played a central role in the launch of USP’s biologics strategy in 2017, and since then has lead its implementation, focusing on technologies used to manufacture and test biological medicines.

In 2021, Fouad’s role expanded to include overall management and accountability for USP’s Biologics business unit. He has used innovative approaches for the launch of USP biological offerings and has implemented new models for engagement and collaboration with academia, biopharma industry, and global government agencies.

Recognized as a thought leader in the life sciences sector, Fouad is relied upon for his expertise, frequently representing USP at global pharmaceutical science events. Fouad has built a network of strong relationships with global stakeholders and continues to execute on collaborations with key partners that increase the visibility and growth of the USP biologics portfolio.

Career Highlights:

  • Led scientific research at the National Institutes of Health and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and published findings that impacted the fields of diabetes, neurosciences, and cell- and gene-based therapies.
  • Created a new path for setting standards for emerging therapies, with focus on starting materials and components used in the manufacturing for cell-, gene-, tissue- based therapies.
  • Supported the launch of a network for the official medicines control laboratories in the Middle East and North Africa region, to support harmonization of testing and registration procedures.
  • Provided leadership and technical expertise to Centers of Excellence (CoE) in the APEC Life Sciences Forum, to support global regulatory convergence. Launched the USP CoE for advanced therapies, with focus on education for regulators in the APEC region.

Awards, Recognition, Admissions:

  • Visiting Expert and Faculty at the Center for Regulatory Excellence at the Duke National University of Singapore (2017-Present)
  • USP’s delegate at the WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization (2013-Present)
  • International Society of Cellular Therapy (Mentorship Program champion)
  • USP’s Representative to the FDA Cell Therapy Liaison Meeting (2006-2018)
  • Frequent speaker and discussion facilitator at international scientific and regulatory conferences that address quality and safety of biological medicines.


  • Pierre and & Marie Curie University, Ph.D., Cell Biology
  • Pierre and & Marie Curie University, M.S., Biochemistry
  • University Mohammed Ben Abdullah Fez, Morocco, B.S., Biology

 Professional Achievements:

  • Establishment of a global team that focuses on the development and launch of tools and solutions to enable increased access to biological medicines.
  • Creating an equitable environment where a diverse workforce and stakeholders work together to fulfill USP’s public health mission.
  • Implementation of continuous improvement processes for reference standards development leading to growth of the USP portfolio in biologics.
  • Fostering strategic partnerships to support advancing the development of emerging therapies, in collaboration with stakeholders’ organizations.
  • Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders and providing technical assistance with efforts to support vaccines access, manufacturing, and regulations.


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