2020–2025 Nomenclature and Labeling Expert Committee Work Plan

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Focus Areas

  • Nomenclature regulations and policies
  • Product labeling requirements
  • Current marketplace products in respective focus areas
  • Regulatory requirements

Expert Committee Charge

The Nomenclature and Labeling Expert Committee will review and approve monograph titles using practices developed by the Expert Committee elaborated in the USP Nomenclature Guidelines. Develop and revise general chapters (<7> Labeling, <17> Prescription Labeling, <1121> Nomenclature, <1091> Labeling of Inactive Ingredients) that focus on nomenclature and labeling topics.

Key Issues

  • Standard setting for labeling of products (drug products, dietary supplements, radiopharmaceutical, veterinary drug products and novel drug/device combination products)
  • Nomenclature of products containing salts
  • Nomenclature of Biologics
  • Nomenclature of Novel Dosage Forms
  • Nomenclature of Dietary Supplements and Excipients

Subcommittees, Joint Subcommittees, and Expert Panels

  • Labeling Subcommittee
  • Dietary Supplements Herbal Medicines Nomenclature Joint Subcommittee
  • Excipients Nomenclature Joint Subcommittee
  • Nomenclature for Biologics Joint Subcommittee
  • Labeling and Safety Subcommittee
  • Pronunciation Expert Panel

Standards Development

  • The latest documentary standard ballot results can be found here (results can be filtered by particular ECs).  
  • The latest Nomenclature Ballot results can be found here.
  • The status of Revisions, Deferrals, Cancellations, Commentary, and Index for each USP–NF and Supplement can be found here

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