U.S.-Africa Business Summit

U.S.-Africa Business Summit


Hosted by the Corporate Council on Africa, the U.S.-Africa Business Summit takes place May 6 – 9 in Dallas, Texas. Convening African heads of state, business leaders, investors, government officials, and other stakeholders, this year’s summit focuses on the theme, “U.S-Africa Business: Partnering for Sustainable Success.”  USP is a proud gold sponsor of this year’s summit.

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High-Level Dialogue: Strengthening Health Systems in Africa
Tuesday, May 7, 2 – 3:00pm CDT

Partnerships between the public and private sectors are critical to strengthening health systems in Africa. Through private sector engagement, African governments are tapping into expertise, technologies, and funding that aim to enhance health care delivery, improve infrastructure, and optimize resources. This high-level dialogue will explore private sector strategies, from telemedicine to supply chain optimization, and highlight the knowledge and resources needed to help address the complex challenges of health systems in Africa.

Speaker: Dr. Emily Kaine, Senior Vice President, Global Health and Manufacturing Services, USP

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Plenary: Health Regulatory Systems Strengthening
Thursday, May 9, 9 – 10:15 am CDT

Robust regulatory systems that are responsive to public health needs are critical to improving health equity and security across the continent. As regulatory agencies continue to grow and build capacity, initiatives like the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) and the African Medicines Agency (AMA) are essential to their success. This plenary will highlight how developing an investor-friendly climate through efficient, transparent, adaptable, and predictable regulatory mechanisms will help promote sustainability and improve public health.

Speaker: Lawrence Evans, Senior Director of Global Health Technical Programs, USP

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View the full agenda: https://www.usafricabizsummit.com/

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