PCM Equipment Design: Bringing the Pieces Together (Live Webcast)

May 25, 2023 11:00 am
May 25, 2023 12:00 pm
Live Online Webcast

Course Description:
Once you’ve decided that Pharmaceutical Continuous Manufacturing (PCM) will help your business or solve your issues, the logical next step is equipment selection, design, and implementation. This webinar brings an overview of what the design elements of a PCM line look like, and how they work together. We will cover the types of equipment available today and how to implement them.

Direct Compression
For products that are easy to compress, and powders that are free flowing, direct compression is the natural choice to process continuously. A continuous direct compression line can run multiple products with a variety of throughputs and runtimes making it an attractive solution for companies to use in a subset of their portfolio with a limited investment cost.

Dry Granulation
If powders have issues with flowability or segregation, roller compaction can be a solution: the powder is compressed between two big rolls and the ribbon that comes out is broken into particles that will have better flow properties and are less prone to segregate. A roller compactor is intrinsically already a continuous operation that can be integrated in a continuous manufacturing line.

Wet Granulation
If a formulation has problems with compactability, making granules by adding a solution to the powder while moving it around is possible. With this process smaller tablet sizes can be achieved for the same dosage. Wet granulation in a continuous process is often done by the cascade of a twin screw granulator and a fluid bed dryer.

Topics:High level understanding of the variety of equipment on the market, what is critical, and what aspects are still evolving.

Who should participate:
Drug manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, biologics organizations; Job function: quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC), operations managers, quality management, pharmaceutical quality directors, MHA, MPH. managers, scientists, OSD, direct product, quality