Fundamentals of Dissolution: Guidance for the Verification and Qualification of a Dissolution Apparatus (Classroom)


Course Description:
This course will emphasize the fundamentals of dissolution testing of solid oral dosage forms and address specifics related to the qualification of USP dissolution apparatus 1 and apparatus 2. Specifically, this course is dedicated to dissolution theory and the guidance presented in USP‒NF General Chapter <711>, the handling of dissolution data and the qualification of an apparatus to prove its suitability for use.Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the theory of dissolution testing presented in USP–NF General Chapter <711> to apply in practical application
  • Explain key definitions of dissolution testing
  • Set up, verify and qualify a dissolution apparatus (focus on apparatus 2)
  • Use acceptance tables
  • Explain the operational parameters of a dissolution apparatus that could affect dissolution results

Who Should Participate:

  • Dissolution chemists
  • Analytical chemists
  • Laboratory technicians who are new to dissolution or need a refresher course on the topic
  • Regulatory professionals