ASTMH Annual Meeting

ASTMH Annual Meeting


The 2022 annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) is the leading international forum at the intersection of tropical medicine, hygiene, and global health, drawing health and medical professionals from more than 100 countries to discuss the latest scientific advances and research.

USP sessions

Promoting sustainable access to quality-assured NTD products in low- and middle-income countries
4 pm PT, Tuesday, November 1

PQM+ will highlight findings from a study conducted across sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, where we assessed local production of several NTD medicines and found inadequate supply due to limited local production of the finished products, an over-reliance on a few manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and low volume demand due to dependence on donation programs.

Speaker: Frederick Meadows, PQM+ Senior Technical Advisor, USP
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Neglected tropical diseases: PQM+ medicines information dashboard
12 pm PT, Thursday, November 3

Funded by USAID, the Promoting the Quality of Medicines Plus program (PQM+) developed a NTD medicines information dashboard to assist regulators, procurement agencies, and other authorities in the planning, forecasting, procuring, and supplying NTD pharmaceutical products. This free tool, updated regularly, houses critical information compiled from the WHO prequalification program and other relevant sources to help identify quality-assured active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished products.

Speaker: Souly Phanouvong, PQM+ Senior Technical Advisor, USP
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