As a scientific nonprofit focused on advancing public health, USP applies the organization’s resources to advance our mission in many ways, including developing quality standards, advocating for policies that support quality and working with governments to help build some of the most critical capabilities needed to help ensure the quality of medicines. As part of our commitment to protect public health, USP prioritizes the robust stewardship of our resources, including the revenue we use to fuel our public health work.

USP receives funds from multiple sources, primarily the sale of Reference Standards and publications, as well as from quality verification services and grants from public and philanthropic organizations, which support our work to advance our mission. Approximately 90 - 95% of every dollar the organization receives is used to fund programs to improve global health in the current period, while 5 - 10% of revenue is set aside each year to be held in reserve to help ensure USP is able to mitigate risks in the event of unexpected financial challenges and continue our work. The USP Board of Trustees oversees our strategic plan, operating goals and budgets, and investment reserves, to ensure alignment with our mission.

This summary of financial information has been extracted from the USP audited consolidated financial statements for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018. To view the full 2018 audited consolidated financial statements, visit