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USP offers verification services for dietary supplement finished products, dietary ingredients, pharmaceutical ingredients, and excipients. Products and ingredients that meet all USP verification requirements—including a GMP audit, product and ingredient testing, and manufacturing documentation review—are awarded use of the distinctive USP Verified Marks (pictured below). Participation is voluntary and available to manufacturers worldwide.

USP's verification services draw upon our experience setting federally recognized public standards of quality for medicines, dietary supplements, and foods. USP has been establishing standards since 1820, and, today our standards are used in more than 140 countries.

Dietary Supplements Verification for Manufacturers

Learn about the USP Verified process, discover participation benefits, download an application, and view current participating products by visiting here.

Dietary Supplements Verification for Consumers

When selecting a dietary supplement, what does the USP Verified mark mean to you?  Discover the benefits of choosing USP Verified supplements by visiting here.


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GMP Audit Program for Dietary Ingredients and Supplements

GMP Facility Audit Program for Dietary Supplements and Ingredients