Face-to-Face Meeting - October 13, 2016

Prescription/Non-prescription (PNP)

The United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) will be holding a face to face Prescription/Nonprescription Stakeholder Forum on October 13, 2016 at USP–U.S. in Rockville, Maryland, USA. To expand the opportunity for stakeholder participation, USP will offer a web-based component for those who would like to attend the meeting remotely. Registration is free for both in person and remote attendance, it is also required. 

Stakeholder Forums are held to enable an exchange of information and perspectives, with the ultimate goal of improving USP standards and information. The Prescription/Nonprescription Stakeholder Forum provides an opportunity to discuss compendial issues related to prescription and non-prescription drugs and pharmaceutical excipients in an open forum setting. For further information please contact Jessica Simpson (jcs@usp.org).


  • Provide updates on topics of interest
  • Receive stakeholder feedback

Who Should Participate

Pharmaceutical and excipient manufacturers, organizations, and service providers.

Stimuli Articles- Analytical Control Strategy, Analytical Target Profile


Live Webinar

Contact Information

Jessica Simpson

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