USP Reference Standards Listings & Catalog

Find Your Reference Standard

  • Reference Standards Listings
    This comprehensive list allows you to alphabetically search USP’s Reference Standard collection and purchase items directly from the USP online store.
  • Daily Listings
    This website-only resource, which is updated daily, lists all USP Reference Standards with current lots, previous lots with valid use dates, and prices.
  • USP Catalog
    The USP Catalog is published online every two months. An annual print version is also available. The USP Catalog lists USP Reference Standards with current lots, previous lots, valid use dates, purity values, CAS numbers, and prices. It also includes ordering information in multiple languages, information about USP publications and education courses, and details on how to use Reference Standards.

Use this helpful guide to interpret codes and information found in the listings.

Resources, Tools, Submit Feedback

Use the following tools to stay informed of USP Reference Standards currently under development, items that are newly released, and how you can suggest new items.