Interim Revision Announcements (IRAs)

Interim Revision Announcements (IRAs) are published in Pharmacopeial Forum (PF) as proposed IRAs. After a 90-day notice and comment period and approval by the relevant USP Expert Committee, IRAs are posted as official text in this location of the USP website, and are incorporated into the next available official publication (USP–NF or Supplement). Official IRAs are no longer published in PF. The PF posting dates, comment deadlines and IRA posting and official dates are outlined in the chart below.


Proposed IRA Posting
Date in PF

Public Comment Due Date

Final IRA Posting Date on Web

IRA Official Date

42(5)Sep. 1, 2016Nov. 30, 2016Jan. 27, 2017Mar. 1, 2017
42(6)Nov. 1, 2016Jan. 31, 2017Mar. 31, 2017May. 1, 2017
43(1)Jan. 1, 2017Mar. 31, 2017May. 26, 2017Jul. 1, 2017

Monograph names listed below link to the combined IRA posting in which the announcement appeared.

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