Innovation Infrastructure

Central to USP’s research and innovation efforts is the promotion of a “Culture of Innovation.” USP has implemented a new collaborative and empowering infrastructure throughout its organization to empower high operational performance and generation of new innovative ideas and solutions, from both internal and external contributors.

The new infrastructure is built around the following two initiatives:

  • Front-Line Empowerment Teams –The goal is to foster and promote an innovative, high-performing culture, and empowered workforce at USP by capturing and implementing frontline ideas and solutions. Each team meets on a regular basis to identify opportunities for improvement, determine root causes, identify potential solutions and finally, implement the solution. Pilot programs were initiated at the US Headquarters in Rockville and included teams including laboratory staff, Quality Assurance and Customer Service groups. The program has been expanded throughout USP in over 20 departments including USP sites in India, China and Brazil.
  • USP Crowdsourcing – USP Crowdsourcing tools empowers employees and leverages both internal and external stakeholders to ideate, collaborate, and prioritize solutions for specific challenges, strategic opportunities or continuous improvement opportunities at USP. Over 20 Ignite Challenges have been launched throughout USP including internal and external stakeholder challenges.