New USP Store: Key Features and Frequently Asked Questions

In efforts to improve your customer experience, USP is launching a new eCommerce site in June that will replace the current iStore. This site, called the USP Store, gives users more self-service options and makes it easier to order products online, track order status, and manage business accounts directly.

Key Features

Improved self-service
Improved self-service puts customers in control to check order status, see account-level pricing and discounts, view invoices, and initiate required forms directly from the new eCommerce platform.

Improved Navigation and enhanced search
The new eCommerce platform is designed with enhanced usability and a more intuitive navigation. Improved search features include search suggestions and allow for faster and more targeted product search. Quick Views allow users to navigate the site within a single browser tab.

Expanded online catalog
USP customers can now initiate orders for regulated items and place orders for Pharmaceutical Analytical Impurities (PAI) directly from the online store, without needing to call or email. Customers can opt in to alerts on upcoming items, such as not-yet-released reference standards, and receive an email when the product becomes available for purchase. The new eCommerce platform also includes a “Wishlist” feature, allowing customers to save items to purchase another time.

Quote creation and transparent ordering
The new platform allows customers to create and process quotes directly within the system. Customers also benefit from faster order processing, with the ability to check order status, view holds, access processing forms, and view shipping and tracking information within the system.

Easier account management
Customers will have control over managing Buyers and Administrators within their accounts. Secure Single Sign On could help reduce password confusion and resets, as well as streamline the log-in process for users.

Account transition quick guide

User role matrix for USP store

Frequently asked questions

General platform use

Why is USP launching a new eCommerce site?

The new eCommerce site will improve customer experience, giving users more self-service options. Easier online ordering, status tracking, dynamic pricing, an expanded online catalog, and enhanced account self-management all improve the online experience for customers.

When will the new eCommerce site launch?

The new eCommerce site is set to launch in May of this year, and an exact date will be communicated to all customers in advance. After this determined time, navigation to the iStore will redirect customers to the new eCommerce platform.

Will my iStore Account transfer over?

Yes, iStore accounts that have been active within the past 2 years will automatically transfer over to the new eCommerce platform. Users will receive an email from AccessPoint to re-establish a new password for the transferred account and to set up Single-Sign-On.

What happens with pending orders or orders in progress from the iStore?

Orders placed via the iStore or manually prior to the launch of the new eCommerce site will process the same as today. These orders will be trackable via your transferred eCommerce site account.

Can I still use the iStore after the new eCommerce platform has launched?

No. After launch of the new eCommerce site, navigation to the iStore will automatically redirect users to the new platform and the iStore will not be available to place orders. Should you have trouble accessing your transferred account or placing an initial order within the new platform, please contact Customer Service.

What is the difference between the Administrator and Buyer roles on my account?

There are two types of roles for an account. Each account must first establish an Administrator. That Administrator will then authorize Buyers within each account. Both roles can log in to their USP Store account and search for products. Buyers can only complete orders and quotes and view billing information once the Administrator has completed a one-time approval to set up the Buyer account. Each account can hold multiple Buyer and Administrator roles.

Download an overview of user roles

How are user roles set up by default when my existing account transfers?

The oldest user listed under the account will default to the account Administrator. All other users will default to the Buyer role. The Administrator can log in to the account and adjust Buyer/Administrator roles and will then be able to approve future users as Administrators or Buyers.

How do I change the email associated with my account?

Users cannot change an email address and must create a new account if email addresses change.

What do I do if my company email has changed, and I need to change the email on my USP Store account?

Once an account is created, the email address used to create the account cannot be changed for any reason. If your email changes while you are still associated with the same company, you will have to register a user with that existing business account. Reach out to the administrative approvers on the account to approve the new user created.

My iStore account was transferred over to the USP Store, but the oldest user on the business account is no longer able to access their email. How do I change the account Admin without their access?

Each existing business account will transfer from the iStore to the USP Store with three default Administrator users on the account. Users should reach out to other account Administrators for updates. If there are extenuating circumstances where all Admin cannot be reached within the organization, contact Customer Service for assistance.

Our organization automatically pulls data from the Reference Standard Catalogs on the site to integrate into our own internal interface. Will this process change when the new USP Store goes live?

No, the launch of the new USP Store will not interrupt or change existing processes with data on the site. Integration should continue uninterrupted.


How can I search for products?

Begin typing in the search bar at the top of the home page and the platform will begin suggesting possible product matches after at least three letters are typed. A list of search results can also be obtained by hitting the “Enter” key. Products in the search results can be sorted alphabetically and by price.

Can I search by CAS number?

Yes. Users can search for products by name, CAS number, or catalog number.

If I spell a product incorrectly, will the system autosuggest alternative results?

Not quite. Unlike a search engine, the USP Store search will not offer “did you mean” options for a misspelled product. The intuitive search helps to alleviate the need for this by beginning to suggest possible products once at least three letters or numbers are entered into the search bar, reducing the need to fully spell any product name.


Will I still receive a discount for ordering online?

Yes. Customers in the U.S. and Canada receive a 5% discount on items when you order 15 or more units from the USP Store.

Will I need to re-enter shipping addresses and payment information?

No, once your account is transferred to the new USP Store platform, users will not need to enter shipping, billing, and invoicing addresses, and payment information. This information will automatically transfer over and can be used for future orders.

Can I pay via credit card online?

Yes, you can pay with a credit card via the USP Store. All credit cards will be validated by the system with a $0 authorization charge. Please note that if an error is made in entering account information, the authorization will fail, and the card will have to be re-entered. Both account Administrators and Buyers can add or deactivate credit cards within their account.

What are Favorites and how does this differ from the Cart?

The Cart should be used for anything you’d like to purchase immediately. Products that you’d like to purchase later can be saved as a Favorite for easy access to add to a future cart.

I’m an Authorized Distributor; can I upload an Excel document for bulk ordering on the new platform?

Yes. Once logged in to your USP Store account, click the “Quick Order” button at the top left. You’ll be able to download a template bulk-order document and then re-upload it to the system. The system will auto-populate the order and allow opportunity for manual adjustment before validating and adding all items to the cart with a single click.

Does my order process and ship as soon as it is placed online?

All orders route through a validation process after submission and before they are fulfilled. The USP Store system will prompt for customers to upload relevant mandatory and option documents as the final step before submitting the order. USP data stewards validate orders multiple times throughout each day, meaning your order processes more quickly when placed via the USP Store compared to placing an order over the phone or through email.

Can I order regulated products (e.g. Controlled Substances, dangerous goods) online?

Yes! The new USP Store supports online order initiation for regulated products. Regulated products must be purchased in a separate order (not mixed with non-regulated products) for any order shipping outside the United States. Required forms are indicated in the final step before submitting the order request, and you can check back to track the order or shipping.

Can I apply for credit at checkout?

Yes, the credit application link is available in the payments section during checkout. The link is also available under Account Info and Payment book, where customers can view approved credit or initiate a credit application.

How is my credit application processed?

For credit line requests up to USD $10,000 or the equivalent, allow 48-72 hours for review and response. For credit line requests USD $10,000 or greater, additional information may be required such as audited financial statements. Processing and review time may take up to two weeks. Our analysis encompasses several factors including credit rating, payment history, projected sales volume of USP products and financial position. For information concerning the status of your application, please contact for assistance.

What is the Save Cart feature?

Saving a Cart allows customers to save all items in a current active Cart to a separate Cart that can be checked out at a later time. Saved Carts can be named and accounts can hold multiple Saved Carts at once with different items.

Product information

Where can I find product Certificates?

Product documentation (e.g. USP Certificates, Safety Data Sheets, Certificates of Origin) can be found at the bottom of each Product Information page. Click to expand the “Documents” section and download documents from the links.

How can I tell if a product is regulated (e.g. Controlled Substance, dangerous good)?

All regulated products are marked with a “lock” icon in the USP Store. The Product Page for each regulated item also includes additional information about required forms and restrictions.

How do I view and upload forms for my order?

The system will automatically prompt customers to upload any relevant mandatory and option forms as the final step of the checkout process before submitting the final order request.

Where can I find test results and data that are not included on the available product documentation?

All information required for the official use of a USP Reference Standard is provided in the associated USP compendial procedure, the label of the RS, and on its USP Certificate, if available. Test results and data that are not included in these sources cannot be shared as they are considered proprietary to the USP Reference Standard program. Contact Reference Standards Technical Services ( if further assistance is required.

How do I see the LOT numbers for a product?

LOT Numbers are listed on the Product Page under the Product Details section.

How are the “related products” shown on the right side of the page categorized?

Related Products shown in the right-hand sidebar on a product information page are based off monograph grouping for the main product page being viewed.


How do I renew a subscription?

Customers can access all active and recently expired subscriptions under the “Subscriptions” section of “My Account”. Each subscription lists an expiration date and a link to access. A “Renew” button will be visible next to any recently expired or soon-to-expire subscriptions.

Where do I get the subscription key?

Subscription keys are sent to customers via email after purchase.

Quotes and invoices

How do I complete a quote?

After searching for products and adding them to your cart, instead of checking out your cart, click “Quote.” The system generates an official quote valid for 30 days (180 for International DEA-regulated items) for all the products in the cart that can be downloaded. Please Note – payments should not be made on quoted amounts. When ready to order, go to your quote, convert to an order, and submit payment.

Do I need to be logged in to my account to generate a quote?

Yes. Customers need to be logged into their account to create a quote. The system will automatically pull account information and save the quote to the account for future reference or editing.

How do I view my invoice?

Invoices are saved under “My Account” in the “Invoices and Payments” section. Clicking on the Invoice Number listed provides access to a PDF of the invoice. Once an invoice has been closed, an additional “Download” option appears.

How do I enroll in e-Invoicing?

Under “My Account” in the “Addresses” section, select “Update Type” to set addresses as “Bill To”. Bill To addresses can then be opted in for eInvoicing/paperless billing once a valid email is provided.