USP honors outstanding volunteers with 2018 awards

Experts recognized for their contributions to standards for excipients, biologic medicines and compounded radiopharmaceuticals


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Rockville, MD – February 21, 2019 – USP honored exceptional volunteers with awards at its Joint Volunteer Leadership meeting, held in Washington, DC, February 2019. Awardees included Chris Moreton, Ph.D., and members of two expert panels that worked on issues related to measuring residual DNA impurities in recombinant proteins and a new test chapter for the preparation, compounding, dispensing, and repackaging of radiopharmaceutical products.

Dr. Moreton received the USP Jacob Bigelow Award, which acknowledges the outstanding contribution by an individual USP volunteer expert. Dr. Moreton was recognized for his dedication and exemplary contributions to the Excipients Monographs 1 Expert Committee and to USP.  “Dr. Moreton exemplifies what it means to be a USP volunteer. He is celebrated for his leadership, passion and dedication to his fellow volunteers,” said Jaap Venema, Ph.D., USP chief science officer & chair, USP Council of Experts. “We are inspired by Dr. Moreton’s commitment to USP’s standards-setting process, his passion for quality and outstanding contributions to global public health.”

The 2018 USP Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Standards, which recognizes the exceptional contributions of a team of Expert Volunteers to USP’s standards-setting activities, was presented to two expert panels this year. The Residual DNA Expert Panel was charged with developing a new general chapter to address measurement of residual DNA in recombinant therapeutic products.  USP Chief Science Officer Jaap Venema presented the award to Wes Workman, Ph.D., who accepted the award as chair of the panel. “Residual DNA is a critical quality attribute, and development of a validated method to measure it is a significant accomplishment” explained Dr. Venema. Patients will benefit from the expert panel’s work through improvements in drug quality, safety and affordability.” 

  • Wes Workman, Ph.D., Chair
  • Pascal Anger, Ph.D.
  • Jon Borman
  • Donna Christner
  • Scott Kuhns, Ph.D.
  • Judy Shimoni, Ph.D. 
  • Weihong Wang, Ph.D.

The Compounding—Radiopharmaceuticals Expert Panel was also selected for the USP Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Standards. The panel is responsible for developing standards for the preparation, compounding, dispensing and repackaging of radiopharmaceutical products. “Not only is the panel’s important work expected to greatly assist state boards of pharmacy with the regulation of radiopharmaceutical compounding practices, said Dr. Venema. It will meet the needs of practicing nuclear pharmacists and hospitals using radiopharmaceuticals.” Other members of the USP staff credited the panel for taking extra steps to ensure the new radiopharmaceuticals chapter would align with the other compounding chapter, a critically important step that speaks to their professionalism and dedication. Mr. James Ponto, chair of the expert panel accepted the award on behalf of the entire expert panel, whose members include:

Members of the Compounding Radiopharmaceuticals (825) Expert Panel include:

  • James Ponto, M.S., Chair 
  • David Barnes, B.S. Pharm
  • Allegra DePietro, M.S. 
  • Wendy Galbraith, Ph.D. 
  • Fred Gattas, Pharm. D.
  • Richard Green, B.S. Pharm
  • Ravindra Kasliwal, Ph.D. 
  • Patricia Kienle, MPA 
  • Kim Huynh-Ba, M.Sc. 
  • Brenda Jensen, M.A. 
  • Vivian Loveless, Pharm. D. 
  • Paul Mahan, B.S. Pharm
  • Rezaul Mannan, Ph.D. 
  • Sara Rothman
  • Steve Zigler, Ph.D.

The USP Volunteer Awards and Recognition Program recognizes the remarkable contributions of USP volunteer bodies and individuals who work to advance USP’s mission to improve global health through public standards and related programs that help ensure the quality, safety, and benefit of medicines and foods. Nominations may be submitted by any USP staff, volunteer or stakeholder.

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