USP Launches Fellowship for Advancement in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Fellowship nurtures early career pharmaceutical scientists with research grant up to $100k 


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Rockville, Md., August 29, 2018 — To help develop the next generation of scientists focusing on medicines quality, USP is announcing its first Fellowship for Advancement in Pharmaceutical Sciences, supported with a research grant up to $100,000. The fellowship is designed to nurture early career scientists in research areas that align with USP’s scientific priorities.

The 2018-2019 fellowship is named for Gregory Amidon, Ph.D., in honor his many years of service to USP and his work to advance medicines quality. Amidon is currently a member of USP’s Board of Trustees and has earned multiple awards for outstanding contributions to the standards-setting process. Since he began volunteering his expertise for USP in 1990, Amidon has made significant contributions in a number of areas, including physical testing, excipient performance and functionality, good distribution practices, as well as packaging and stability. 

The primary research focus for 2018-2019 is performance testing of pharmaceutical dosage forms.  The fellowship is open to full-time doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers with a full-time non-faculty research appointment at nationally accredited academic institutions. 

“This fellowship is a unique opportunity to build a foundation in what we call compendial science,” said Jaap Venema, Ph.D., executive vice-president and chief science officer for USP. “The fellow will work closely with experts in pharmaceutical sciences at USP and all over the world, and gain insights into USP’s unique and collaborative standards-setting process.” 

For more information on program eligibility requirements and how to apply, visit the Call for Fellows.

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