USP and International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology (APV) Present Four-Day Series on Quality of 3D Printing of Medicines and Supplements July 13-16

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WHAT: A four-day virtual workshop series that brings together experts in 3D printing with industry stakeholders, healthcare practitioners, regulatory experts, and business and science leaders to discuss quality and innovation in 3D printing of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements at or near the point-of-care.

Monday - 3DP Now & What’s Next

  • 3DP @ point-of-care: where we are and where we’re going
  • 3D printed polypills as a point-of-care option
  • The “new reality” –COVID-19 pandemic’s implications on 3DP
  • 3DP in the regulatory space with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Tuesday - Tech Talks

  • DFE Pharma,Triastek, Multiply Labs, Vitae, FabRx and Aprecia present their work

Wednesday - Quality Considerations

  • Fused deposition modeling (FDM) in pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements: QA
  • Making the formulations work: balancing reactivity, rheology, and resolution
  • Digital printing of drugs: the process flow as an example in social security systems
  • Industry perspective on 3DP
  • The small distributed model and quality assurance

Thursday - Current Guidance & Opportunities

  • Early adopters: the Vitae and Pharmaprint end-user experiences
  • The pharmacopeial perspective
  • Moderated session: current guidance and opportunities

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WHY: The use of 3D printing is on the rise across manufacturing, and it holds great promise for the personalization of medicines and dietary supplements. In the future, healthcare providers may prescribe 3D printed dietary supplements or a “polypill” with several different customized medicines in one capsule. Or a patient may need access to other special formulations (dosages, shapes, sizes, etc.) as part of a treatment. But how do we ensure quality in these new therapies? This and more, including the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, will be discussed at this highly engaging workshop by USP and APV.

WHEN: Monday, July 13- Thursday, July 16; 9 a.m.- 12 noon ET daily. Post-event recording will be available.

WHERE: Register online at no cost to access


  • 3D Printing enthusiasts and innovators 
  • Pharmaceutical industry stakeholders and manufacturers working or interested in 3D printed pharmaceutical and dietary supplement products
  • 3D Printer hardware and software providers, medium/material suppliers
  • Point-of-care healthcare practitioners including pharmacists, physicians, etc.
  • Industry professionals interested in 3D printed product quality management, regulatory affairs and R&D functions
  • Business and science leaders from personalized health related companies, academic institutions and professional/advocacy organizations

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