USP Identity

USP’s brand identity reflects who USP is today and the dynamic future ahead.

We took this step because we wanted to better communicate how we work with partners to build and reinforce a foundation that draws us closer to a world where everyone can be confident of quality in health and healthcare.

Our commitment to quality is as strong as ever. But you’ll find a lot that’s new, including our:

  • Name: We are now referring to ourselves simply as USP
  • Words: Focusing how our work with partners helps 2 billion people around the world have access to quality medicines, dietary supplements, and food
  • Website: Streamlined for ease of use and greater impact
  • Logo: Symbolizing the foundation for quality we build with our partners empowering a healthy tomorrow

Our logo conveys a simple, yet powerful message.

logo brand meaning

A healthier world needs a strong foundation—one that establishes quality, sets the bar for scientific rigor and technological progress, and epitomizes collaboration between industry, nonprofits, government, and academia. From the standards we create to the partnerships and conversations we foster, our scientists, advocates, and network of experts are critical to constructing and reinforcing this foundation to ensure people stay healthy.

Every day, the health community confidently builds upon our ongoing work, supplying, manufacturing, and distributing medicines; making hospital systems more effective; meeting health provider, patient, and consumer needs; creating policies; allocating resources and responding to crisis situations. An independent nonprofit, we continue to expand our reach and impact to draw us closer to a world where everyone can be confident of quality in health and healthcare.

Learn about how we are working to empower a healthier tomorrow