Promoting the Quality of Medicines (PQM+) Program

The Promoting the Quality of Medicines Plus (PQM+) program improves access to quality-assured priority medicines and addresses the proliferation of poor-quality medical products in low- and middle-income countries.

PQM+ strengthens medical product quality assurance systems in low- and middle-income countries through cross-sectoral and systems strengthening approaches and the application of international quality assurance standards across the pharmaceutical system.

By sharing scientific expertise and providing technical support and leadership, PQM+ helps create resilient and robust local health systems that address diseases like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and neglected tropical diseases, as well as improves maternal, newborn and child health.

Foundations of Good Manufacturing Practices

Free online course covers the essentials of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which help to ensure the quality of medical products.

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Expanding access to quality-assured medicines
women and young girl

USP staff members across four offices in Africa and the United States share what it means to them personally to advance global public health through programs such as Promoting the Quality of Medicines Plus (PQM+), funded by USAID and implemented by USP.

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