2020 USP Dietary Supplements Stakeholder Forum

USP Dietary Supplements Stakeholder Forum is NOW VIRTUAL!


Agenda  Executive Summary

On May 28, 2020 more than 250 stakeholders participated in the 2020 USP Dietary Supplements Stakeholder Forum held for the first time as a virtual meeting, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Stakeholder Forum Chair was Holly Johnson, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer of the American Herbal Products Association, who also moderated discussion on agenda topics and panel discussions.

First on the agenda was the COVID-19 crisis and the challenges it has brought to the dietary supplement (DS) community. Panelists from five national trade associations for the DS industry shared their members’ experiences, needs, and priorities. All five associations reported that the primary concern of many member companies is protecting the safety of their employees and after that, meeting the regulatory requirements. Companies indicated that they have also experienced sudden spikes in consumer demand for certain products related to immune health, putting a strain on production capacity. Supply chain problems have complicated the situation. USP shared its commitment during these extraordinary times to provide support to manufacturers to help ensure the quality of dietary supplements (https://www.usp.org/dietary-supplements-herbal-medicines).

In addition to COVID-related topic discussions, speakers shared important updates about hemp and CBD standards and evidence-based safety information; background information and experiences with pyrrolizidine alkaloids as contaminants; consumer interest in “clean label,” and how the DS industry interprets USP standards. Presentations from the Dietary Supplements Stakeholder Forum are listed below.

Stakeholder Forum Executive Summary


Stakeholder Forum Presentations

Dietary Supplements and COVID - 19 Pandemic USP Support to Public Health Response

Contaminants – Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids

Standards and Information for Hemp and CBD

Specifications: How Industry Interpret USP’s Standards in Monograph, and Regulatory Requirements; Purity is NOT microbiology

Clean Labeling and Quality Metrics

USP Updates on the following Topics

  • Monograph and General Chapters
  • Subteams
  • Admissions Evaluation including probiotics and Kava
  • Expert Panels
  • Botanical DNA Project Team
  • Working Groups: Vitamin Overages and Plant/Extract Ratios
  • Dietary Supplement Compendium

Agenda and Meeting Summary from the 2019 Dietary Supplements Stakeholder Forum 2019 Stakeholder Forum event details

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