FAQs: USP–NF USB Flash Drive

1. What are the web browser requirements for the USP–NF USB Flash Drive?

See Technical Requirements for details.

2. When entering my License Key into the fields, I have room left over, is that normal?

There are four groups of six characters each. Use the "tab" key to navigate to each group. (The Key is case–sensitive and must be typed in uppercase.)

3. Do I need to change the port number displayed during installation?

The port number you see during installation is the default port the flash drive uses to communicate with itself at run-time. It is not recommended that you reset the port unless you know you have other software running that uses the same port.

4. What do I do if my firewall software is blocking Internet access to the application?

If you are using firewall software that blocks Internet access to applications, you must allow access for jre\bin\javaw.exe in the installation folder you select. This program serves the USP–NF USB Flash Drive content, but does not pose a threat to your system or respond to any requests from other machines. For more information about allowing applications to access the Internet, refer to your firewall software's documentation.

5. Why does the application open as a link in my browser?

This occurs for some Windows XP users who have installed Service Pack (SP) 2. SP2 includes changes to Internet Explorer that cause it to consider the USP–NF USB Flash Drive application as suspicious. Simply click the link to proceed to the application.

6. Why is the application slow the first time I perform a search?

The USP–NF USB Flash Drive may appear to take longer the first time you search or load some pages. This occurs as the pages are loaded into memory during their first execution. After this, the pages respond very quickly because they are already loaded and running.

7. Why does a DOS Window sometimes display with the title "javac"?

You might see this window on slower systems when the application is used for the first time. It will flash briefly and then disappear the first time you access some pages like the Table of Contents or Advanced Search page. You can ignore this window if it does display. Do not close it. It will close on its own.

8. Does the USP–NF USB Flash Drive come in a Macintosh version?

There is no Macintosh version of the flash drive product. Macintosh users can access USP–NF by purchasing the online version.

9. Do I need Internet access to run the application?

No. The USP–NF USB Flash Drive is built on Internet technology, but you do not need a connection to the Internet to run it. The application communicates only with itself and your browser. It will not answer to requests from other machines and does not send information outside your machine. However, there are several links on the application toolbar which link to external USP Web sites. You will need Internet access to open these links.

10. How do I report a problem or send a comment?

The USP technical support team is available during standard business hours (EST) by phone, fax, email or online.

11. How do I set the header and footer formatting for printing?

You need to make sure the following information is saved in Microsoft Internet Explorer. The following formulas are instructions to the browser to insert file name, title, num pages, etc, in the header/footer during printing.

  • Open Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Select File >> Page Setup.
  • Make sure the following string &w&bPage &p of &P is in the "Header" field.
  • Make sure the following string &u&b&d is in the "Footer" field.
  • Please set all margins to "0.5" for optimal printing.
12. How do I print text or graphics?

Click the printer icon in the window. Print the document. Depending on your browser you can also print selected text and graphics. Select the text or graphic you want to print. Right-click and select "Print."

Note: If using Adobe X Pro to view PDF files in the USP–NF, you may experience problems when attempting to print these files. To avoid this issue, we recommend that you use an alternate version of the Adobe Reader.

13. How do I print from the document display frame?

Click the printer icon above the document. In the Print dialog box, click Print.

14. Why does the PDF print out as a line of strange characters?

Early–bird and group pricing may be available for certain traditional classroom courses. When offered, it will be outlined in the course information found on the USP Web site. The pricing is firmly linked to a final promotion date and can not be altered if registration is requested after that date.

15. Can I save text or graphics in Word?

To save text, select (highlight) the text you want. Right-click and select "Copy." Open Word and paste the text.

To save a graphic, select (highlight) the graphic you want. Right-click and select "Save Picture As" or "Copy" and save it to your hard drive. Open Word and import the image.

16. How often is the USP–NF updated?

The USP–NF is updated three times a year in November, February, and June.

17. Where can I learn more about the USP–NF product?

You can find out more about USP–NF and other USP products on the Products page of our website.