2020–2025 General Chapters - Statistics Expert Committee Work Plan

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Focus Areas

  • Standards for General Chapters concerned with the statistical treatment of analytical data
  • Standards for General Chapters concerned with the handling of bioassay data
  • Support to other Expert Committees on issues related to statistics and biostatistics

Expert Committee Charge

The General Chapters–Statistics Expert Committee is responsible for providing statistical support for other Expert Committees in their development and approval of monographs, general chapters, and reference materials.

Key Issues

  • Continue the work supporting the bioanalytical chapters
  • Extend statistical tools to include Bayesian methods

Associated Expert Bodies

  • Bioassay General Chapters Expert Panel
  • Content Uniformity with Large Sample Sizes Expert Panel
  • Data Analysis Joint Subcommittee

Standards Development

  • The latest ballot results can be found here (results can be filtered by particular ECs). 
  • The status of Revisions, Deferrals, Cancellations, Commentary, and Index for each USP–NF and Supplement can be found here