2015–2020 Chemical Medicines Monographs 1 Expert Committee Work Plan


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Upcoming Official Meetings

  • September 1–2, 2020 at USP–U.S., Rockville, MD

Past Meetings – Executive Summaries

Focus Areas

  • Antibiotic, antiviral, and antimicrobial drug substance and drug product monographs
  • Selected general chapters that pertain to the antibiotics and antimicrobial monographs

Expert Committee Charge

The Monographs–Chemical Medicines 1 (CHM1) Expert Committee is responsible for the development and revision of USP–NF monographs and their associated USP Reference Standards in the following therapeutic categories: Antibiotics, antimicrobials and antivirals

Key Issues

  • Convert microbial assays to HPLC assays

Subgroups and Expert Panels

  • Subcommittee A (Antibiotics)
  • Subcommittee B (Antiviral and Antimicrobial)
  • Chemical Medicines Collaborative Group
  • Joint Subcommittee (Reference Materials)

Ballot Results and Standards-Development